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Let's fall in luv

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hey all love-birds out there. Wish u all a very very lovely valentine's Day. Here I'm giving U a compilation of some of the most romantic movies & Videos of all time. Enjoy --


After winning a trip on the RMS Titanic during a dockside card game, American Jack Dawson spots the society girl Rose DeWitt Bukater who is on her way to Philadelphia to marry her rich snob fiance Cal Hockley. Rose feels helplessly trapped by her situation and makes her way to the aft deck and thinks of suicide until she is rescued by Jack. Cal is therefore obliged to invite Jack to dine at their first-class table where he suffers through the slights of his snobbish hosts. In return, he spirits Rose off to third class for an evening of dancing, giving her the time of her life. Deciding to forsake her intended future all together, Rose asks Jack, who has made his living making sketches on the streets of Paris, to draw her in the nude wearing the invaluable blue diamond Cal has given her. Cal finds out and has Jack locked away. Soon afterwards, the ship hits an iceberg and Rose must find Jack while both must run from Cal even as the ship sinks deeper into the freezing water.

Music and Lyrics

A washed up singer is given a couple days to compose a chart-topping hit for an admiring teen sensation. Though he's never written lyrics in his life, he sparks with an offbeat younger woman with a flair for words.

Pretty Woman

'Each of us is a diamond in the rough; we need the right person to make us shine. This movie gives you hope in your own dreams of finding Mr Right.'
'Nice reworking of the "hooker with a heart of gold" format. It gives a nod to independence while also fulfilling the fantasy of being swept away by the knight in shining armour.'

Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare's immortal tale of star-crossed young lovers gets a music video-style updating in this hip, Florida-set, pistol-packing adaptation featuring DiCaprio and Danes as the doomed teenaged children of rival industrialists. Academy Award Nominations: Best Art Direction.

Shakespeare in Love

It is the summer of 1593, and the rising young star of London's theatre scene, Will Shakespeare, faces a scourge like no other: a paralyzing bout of writer's block. While the great Elizabethan age of entertainment unfolds around him, Will is without inspiration on material. What Will needs is a muse--and in an extraordinary moment in which life imitates art, he finds and falls for a woman who draws him into his own dramatic adventure of star-crossed love.

Hogayi hai Mohabbat

My Heart will go on

Need I say anything for this one....?

Final Fantasy X - Imagine Me Without You

This is one of the best music video made for Final Fantasy, the song and the video synced nicely. The song is very smooth, nice and making you wanted to listen to it non-stop. The scenes in the movie also projects the eternal love between Yuna and Tidus which I think it is so wonderful and romantic. The song, Imagine Me Without You by Jaci Velasquez is used very perfectly for this music video since most of them is romance scene. Below are the lyric for the song :

As long as stars shine down from heaven
And the rivers run into the sea
Til the end of time forever
You're the only love I'll need

In my life you're all that matters
In my eyes the only truth I see
When my hopes and dreams have shattered
You're the one that's there for me

When I found you I was blessed
And I will never leave you, I need you

Imagine me without you
I'd be lost and so confused
I wouldn't last a day, I'd be afraid
Without you there to see me through

Imagine me without you
Lord, you know it's just impossible
Because of you, it's all brand new
My life is now worthwhile
I can't imagine me without you

When you caught me I was falling
You're love lifted me back on my feet
It was like you heard me calling
And you rush to set me free

When I found you I was blessed
And I will never leave you, I need you


When I found you I was blessed
And I will never leave you, I need you oh


I can't imagine me without you.

Notting Hill - Beautiful

Fell in love with the movie? Fall in love again with these movie clips. Julia Roberts as always is so gorgeous and Hugh Grant just got the charisma all the way. Enjoy. Comments are appreciated.

Have U ever been in Love

One of the most romantic music video ever... for one of the most romantic movie ever - "Mistress of Spices" ..."have u ever been in love" by "celien dion"

I'll Stand by You

Following both Noah and Allie's point of view on their relationship and the fact that no matter what happens they will stand by each other. Movie - "The Notebook".

Kiss me Because I am a girl

Superb video with a story. Very Emotional.

Romantic way to woo girl

This video is pretty awesome and new way to chase girl. One of 'must see'!

Romantic Proposal